NewIT Partner is a technology and consulting services company designed to partner with clients to address their specific Technology, Process and Management challenges and opportunities through:-

  • Short Studies or engagements around Technology, Process and Management problems, issues and opportunities.
  • Implementations of the appropriate technical, process or mgt. based change
  • Cloud / Outsourcing assistance – guidance and assistance in moving some or all of an organisations IT capability out of house to the appropriately matched cloud based services or 3rd party provider service after a thorough cost benefit analysis coupled with detailed functional and data mapping and migration planning studies.
  • Interim Resourcing of Specialist skills in support of Technology, Process and Management initiatives.
  • Audio Visual –  Media Consulting, Delivery and Performance Services.

NewIT adopts a flexible approach in proposing service offerings in order to meet a client’s specific needs. Client engagements can be as small as a three day problem analysis study with a recommendation as the outcome or the engagement could be a large scale project to migrate an organisation entirely from its own in house platforms and applications to a 3rd party outsourced or cloud based suite of platforms and applications.

NewIT has the experience to help clients achieve successful outcomes and welcomes opportunities to meet with and understand any clients specific problem, opportunity or programme of activity to determine if there may be a benefit for the client in partnering with NewIT Partner.