Solution Search and System Selection

A semi state organisation involved in large scale capital infrastructure projects needed to move to a Financial Management & Accounting system capable of supporting their financial management needs. The NewIT Consultant was engaged to manage the process from start to completion. The project was delivered via the following stages

  1. Requirements Analysis – The consultant identified key representatives/stakeholders from all the relevant parts of the organisation and captured their requirements both through individual sessions as well as work-shopped group sessions and ultimately delivered a large prioritised & weighted requirements specification.
  2. Systems Shortlisting – Information from all the major providers from UK & Ireland was gathered and an outline mapping process completed in order to deliver a short list of potential providers.
  3. An RFP was then prepared incorporating all the functional and non-functional requirements for the system and this was issued to the shortlist of providers.

The consultant prepared a selection criteria worksheet which was worked through for each system and a final selection was made by the Client organisation panel.

NOTE: The real case engagements outlined here are provided to give the reader some examples of the type of work the consultants in NewIT Partner have completed for Clients either within NewIT or previously in their career. Only examples where a NewIT consultant played the lead consultant role have been listed.