Our main services are:

  • Short Studies or engagements around Technology, Process and Management problems, issues and opportunities.
  • Implementations of the appropriate technical, process or mgt. based change.
  • Cloud / Outsourcing assistance – guidance and assistance in moving some or all of an organisations IT capability out of house to the appropriately matched cloud based services or 3rd party provider service after a thorough cost benefit analysis coupled with detailed functional and data mapping and migration planning studies.
  • Audio Visual – Media Consulting, Delivery and Performance Services:
    • NewIT can provide the equipment and the technical know-how to address your audio visual media production services:
      • Film and Still Photo services – provision of an onsite camera person including the required Camera and Audio capture equipment
      • Equipment – Rental of high end still and motion cameras together with professional audio capture equipment
      • Offsite Post Production Media Editing
    • Sound Track Musical Performance services:
      • Musical Performance and recording for film sound track including:
        • Acoustic & Electric Guitar
        • Keyboards – coupled with Logic Pro voicing capabilities
        • Sub-contract sourcing of additional specialised Musical Performance skillset
      • Sound track post production edit and remix.

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