About Us

NewIT Partner is a new technology and consulting services company founded in 2011. The company has been set up to partner with clients to address their specific Technology, Process and Management challenges and opportunities. Where it makes business sense for the client NewIT will assist them to outsource as much of their IT needs as makes sense for their particular business model. NewIT is convinced that for many organisations much of their IT capabilities and resources could be outsourced in a manner that is cost beneficial but still meets the demands of the business drivers. Applications as a service is now available in the Cloud and represents significant opportunities particularly for the small and medium size enterprise to greatly reduce their internal IT resourcing costs allowing them to focus their efforts on their core business while NewIT and the Cloud service provider ensure that the client’s IT is cost effectively and efficiently delivered.

The founder of NewIT Partner is Patrick Dillon who has worked in most roles including Developer, Project and Programme Manager, Consultant, Partner, and Chief Executive for companies as diverse as Ericsson, IBM, Project Management (PM) Group, PMI Software Ltd and Daysha Consulting Ltd.

As a newly formed business NewIT Partner are anxious to meet with potential clients to understand their current Technology, Process and Management challenges and opportunities in order to see if/where NewIT may be able to partner with them to advance  their objectives. NewIT is also interested in meeting with providers of innovative technologies that NewIT may be able to deploy to the benefit of its clients.

NewIT Founder

Patrick Dillon, NewIT Founder

Patrick Dillon

Profile: A highly successful professional with extensive experience and skills in the areas of IT Business and Programme Management, Consulting and Business Development gained over 25+ years in a variety of  technical, project, sales and senior management roles within both the indigenous as well as the multi-national IT sectors.


 Career Chronology

’79-’84 Ericsson (5 yrs) – Software Designer Telecom Systems
‘85-’93 IBM (9 yrs) – SW Developer, Intl. Methods Consultant & Proj. Mgr in Banking sector
’94-98 PMI Software Ltd (5 yrs) – Chief Executive Software Co. (Subsidiary PM Group)
’99-’05 CTG Ltd (7 yrs) – Own company providing variety of IT Services
’06-’11 Daysha Consulting Ltd (6 yrs) – Partner in Consulting Firm

Business Mgt Experience

As CEO of PMI Software Ltd & achieved the following:

  1. Re-structured the company and turned it from a breakeven/loss making business into a consistently growing and profitable business.
  2. Successfully oversaw a major re-development of their primary product PEMAC Plant Maintenance System which was installed in over 200 large scale clients in Ireland and UK.
  3. Took the company from a staff level of 12 to 40
  4. Won the Irish Software Assoc. Marketing Achievement award for PMI ’95 (and subsequently elected Chairman of the ISA (within IBEC) in’96)
  5. Recruited PMI’s 1st overseas Sales staff based in the UK

Managed own IT Services & SW Dev. co. CTG Ltd for 7 yrs (interrupted due to a family illness)

Partner in Daysha Consulting contributing to overall strategy, sales, resourcing, delivery & admin.

 Programme, Project & General Mgt Consulting Experience

  1. ‘11 One of two Programme Managers on a multi-million large scale IT outsourcing programme
  2. ‘10 Managed an 80 Man Month multi vendor & location dev. project for large E learning org. .
  3. ‘09 Managed a transformation project in a mobile telecoms provider upgrading 1250 Users
  4. ‘08 Managed the network upgrade stream within a financial orgs. Transformation Programme.
  5. ‘07 Portfolio Manager over 5 Project Managers for a major IT Outsourcing provider
  6. ‘06 Project Managed – an online (Core Bus. Transaction Appl.) infras. & DB upgrade
  7. ‘05 Project Managed a 2000 User Notes to Exchange mail migration project at a telecom
  8. ‘04 Project Managed the Specification & RFP for the main Financial System for a state agency
  9. ’89-’93 Sold & Project Managed a series of international consulting engagements with large  Banks european scale banks for a leading multi-national technology and services provider

Industry Associations / Networking Experience

  1. Elected Chairman of the Irish Software Association within IBEC (trade association) in ‘96
  2. Council Member ’09-’11 and Fellow of the Irish Computer Society
  3. PMP Professional certified member of the Institute of Project Management 07-11