Process and Management Review

A highly successful technology distribution business had achieved their objectives in terms of business growth and was now at a point where their existing operational and management processes were reaching their limit in terms of their ability to confidently and consistently deliver a responsive high quality service to their growing client base. The NewIT Consultant took on a broad and open brief to understand all aspects of their business while focusing primarily on their operational and management processes. The Consultant conducted in depth interviews with every member of staff and management capturing what each individual had to say around positives,  negatives and opportunities for improvement under the following headings:

  • Company Performance
  • Operational Processes
  • and Management Performance

After collating the findings into conclusions and recommendations and presenting them to the Directors it was agreed that with the Consultant’s assistance these recommendations should form a central part of a new company business plan. The Consultant provided assistance and guidance and a recommended format for the business plan and a process for its development. This engagement entailed 15 days of the consultant delivered over a 10 week elapsed period.

NOTE: The real case engagements outlined here are provided to give the reader some examples of the type of work the consultants in NewIT Partner have completed for Clients either within NewIT or previously in their career. Only examples where a NewIT consultant played the lead consultant role have been listed.