Applications Review

On behalf of a large financial institution the NewIT Consultant undertook a comprehensive review of a very large and diverse application landscape. The estate included over 300 different applications built on numerous different platforms using different tools and skillsets. The Applications inventory therefore created unsustainable support demands on the organisation. The review involved meeting with the technical developers as well as the business users for each application set in order to establish the technical risks going forward and the extent to which the application was critical to the business and if/where any opportunity for application retirement/consolidation might exist. The resulting report represented the first concise application inventory and laid out the interdependencies and various risks around each application and provided some suggested roadmaps forward to try and rationalise the volume and complexity and consequent support demands of the existing estate.

NOTE: The real case engagements outlined here are provided to give the reader some examples of the type of work the consultants in NewIT Partner have completed for Clients either within NewIT or previously in their career. Only examples where a NewIT consultant played the lead consultant role have been listed.