Sample Service Delivery / Engagements

The real case engagements outlined on this page are provided to give the reader some examples of the type of work the consultants in NewIT Partner have completed for Clients either within NewIT or previously in their career.  Only examples where a NewIT consultant played the lead consultant role have been listed.

Short Studies or Engagement Types

Sample 1: Process and Management Review

Sample 2: Solution Search and System Selection

Sample 3: Outsourcing Assistance

Sample 5: Applications Review


Project Manage / Oversee / or Assist in an IT system or Process improvement implementation. Typical Implementation types could be similar to some of the real cases listed below which the NewIT consultant led:-

Sample 1: Application

Sample 2: Infrastructure

Sample 3: Outsourcing Migration

Skills Outsourcing

Some examples of where the principal consultant of NewIT Partner has taken a client a requirement and successfully sourced and provided specific skill sets.


Audio Visual Media Services

Examples of AV Media services provided to date:

  • Audio and Video capture for a PBS Documentary on the making of the 1916 Documentary that aired on RTE in 2016
  • Musical Performance (Electric Guitar) on a PBS Documentary around the move to Community banking.